Master Programme

Master Programmes for Teaching Theatre

Artistic director: Dr. Jurij Alschitz                                                                            Programme director, pedagogue: Christine Schmalor                                                    Team of Teachers of the European Association for Theatre Culture

Postgraduate Master Programmes for Theatre Teachers are launched in order to establish vocational training for acting pedagogues, since such courses of study rarely exist.

Different in size and programme, Master Classes will be established for different world regions.

The pilot for a full M.A. programme in “Teaching Theatre” has been conducted at CUT – Centro Universitario de Teatro / Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico 2012 – 2014 with the support of the European Comission programme “Culture”

2015-2016 an International pilot  “Teaching Professional Theatre Practice” was conducted for further investigation of the curriculum in Europe.

The Idea of the Master Programmes

Culture exists and was developed by its transmission from generation to generation. Teachers being masters passed on their knowledge. When developing this new programme for theatre teachers, AKT-ZENT refers to traditions, where the teacher is one of the most respected persons. Especially the situation in theatre today needs new attempts, ideas and forms of education. Prerequisite for this aim must be, first of all, the education of acting/directing pedagogues themselves leading to a re-evaluation of a profession, who is representing the roots of the art as well as the avant-garde of thoughts and methods.

Furthermore, only the continuous development of Theatre Training Methods and exercises will rise the professional quality of future teachers for acting/directing as well as develop new forms of expressions in theatre. These post-graduate courses of study has been designed after several years of practical research in laboratories with actors and directors as well as seminars and courses for acting pedagogues in various European countries. For each region the programme will be specifically modified and developed.

The Master Classes for Theatre Teachers include intercultural practice and research. It is intended to reflect Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern traditions with the objective of passing on the basic knowledge of the profession, more, to create together with the students innovative pedagogical tools and a new understanding of Training as an integral part of the artistic process and, finally, of creating an understanding of the new possibilities of theatre.

All Master Programmes shall support fundamental research on each regional culture where the class is held, searching for hidden treasures, transforming this knowledge into modern artistic practice and training exercises.

The Aim of the programme is

  • the formation of teachers for professional theatre training
  • to introduce to directors the pedagogical method for creation
  • to enable teachers and directors to create their own training, their own  work-method
  • to create and establish a world-wide team of teachers, who work as multipliers in the international context in theatre and its training
  • to foster cultural identity and intercultural existence as ONE inseparable spirit of artistic expression for a new generation of actors.

Find the pedagogical manifesto by Dr. Jurij Alschitz under “A new Face of the Acting Teacher”

For detailed information, such as programme, admission requirements and selection procedures see detailled announcement.