Research Project Exercise 40/40  -  40 days for 40 years

created by the artistic-scientific Director Dr. Jurij Alschitz

Programme start summer 2018

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The project focuses on the development of an innovative Hybrid-Platform for the theatre in three phases:

I – Online education

II – Forty days of practical supervised tuition

III – Forty years of life-long learning

The online education will encourage a change of mindset introducing the students to the idea of Spherical Education. Newly developed teaching formats and specific tasks will prepare students for the intensive practical phase. Over the course of forty days of practical tuition, a team of teachers under the artistic direction of Dr. Jurij Alschitz will guide students towards a ‘spherical understanding’ of every parameter of theatre practice. The intensive laboratory situation will include the research of new learning algorithms, wave and resonance theory, hereby opening new teaching methods. In pursuit of a highly individualized learning system, students will construct a personalized method of learning, which, in turn, will provide the foundation for over forty years of personal and professional development. Crucial to this are the keywords: homo creativus – self-education – life-long learning.

Target group: theatre practitioners and those interested and working with the means of theatre of any age. Any individual interested in the topics and course content can register for the online education only.



Video: Alschitz_Hybrid Theatre Plattform 40.40                        

For the research programme:

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