Hybrid Theatre Platform

The Hybrid Theatre Platform is a forum for research and innovation of the theatre training and practice developed by Dr. Jurij Alschitz.

The time of the systems and methods is over. The Hybrid Theatre Platform is a forum to create individual knowledge, to change mind-set, and to open new paths for self-education and self-creation of the artist.

The Hybrid Theatre Platform combines online studies with practical seminars and laboratories. Online modules are available world-wide, the complementary practice modules are offered on demand in various world regions.


Actual courses: The Vertical of the Role

Upcoming courses: Exercise 40 days for 40 years

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Creativus

Today, Hybrid Education is the subject of extensive and global discussion concerning how we can unite the old and the new. It provides a platform to consider how we can use technology appropriately without losing conventional achievement as we seek to take into account the completely new means of thought and communication produced by younger generations.

Until now, theatre with its direct, human and physical contact – one of the deepest and most ancient means of analogue communication – has not yet provided an answer besides the use of some modern technology on-stage. But how about the re-structuring of its own composite means, be it the mental, emotional or psycho-physical processes?

Above all, general discussion about Hybrid Instruction tends to focus on the effectiveness of learning, as well as how to improve knowledge accumulation.  At the moment however, in a world where the acquisition of knowledge no longer enjoys top priority, it is absurd to align technology and educational reform with a quantitative transference of knowledge. Instead, Hybrid Instruction deals rather more with how we can manage factual knowledge (which multiplies daily at an exponential rate) and connect it with creative pathways. We no longer ask ‘what have you learnt?’, but rather ‘what new connections could you generate?’.

The foundational basis of any new training programme must be the development of individual creativity and the ability to create one’s own systems of learning.

We have left the analogue world behind and now move in a hyperspace of communication, amongst the coordinates of hypertexts and hyper-knowledge. This will inevitably lead to a new space-time perception, thereby bringing with it a unique spherical understanding of the world and its objects.

The Self-Education of an artist implies that each individual creates their own unique foundation, from which basis they will evolve their own learning system. Using all the available parameters of performance, each artist will be the creator of his/her own conception of spherical knowledge.

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