World Theatre Training Library

Initiator and operating institute of the project is the International Theatre Centre AKT-ZENT in Berlin – since 2017 World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT –  in close cooperation with the International Theatre Institute ITI – NGO in informal associate relations with UNESCO.

The leadership carries the comprehensive responsibility for the realization of the project:
Dr. Jurij Alschitz, Artistic and Scientific Leader, WTTI
Christine Schmalor, programme director of the project, WTTI
Tobias Biancone, Secretary General of ITI – link to the network of ITI

The Spectrum of the Project

  • “The World Theatre Training Library” is a project that collects, studies, documents, preserves and creates new worldwide knowledge of theatre practice and performing traditions and gives it back to the world. It contributes to the perpetuation of the volatile treasure Theatre as a cultural heritage of the world.
  •  “The World Theatre Training Library” will be the most comprehensive collection of theatre training methods and exercises worldwide. It brings together different theatre traditions and schools. It is explicitly dedicated to further develop practical theatre work and is therefore of practical benefit.
  • It is an international project of cooperation between artists and scientists, cultivating international dialogue as well as supporting both intercultural and transcultural education.
  • The mission statement of the project is to strengthen cultural identity as well as celebrating its diversity. The basis of each working step is predicated on an exchange of knowledge which is on equal footing with the aim of accumulating and developing the art of theatre.
  • The project consists of research travel, open workshops and seminars, the development of master programmes for theatre teachers, laboratories with professional actors and colloquia with theatre masters and scientists worldwide.

Forms of Realisation

The facilitators/creators have established a worldwide network of supporting organisations (mostly national ITI centres and leading academies/universities). The project continuously accepts new partners to enrich the input and guarantee the distribution.

Different programme lines and working steps pursue the three main columns of the project:

1. Collecting knowledge

2. Creating knowledge

3. Spreading knowledge

“The World Theatre Training Laboratory” is realised in different formats and dedicated to practical research based on collected knowledge brought together through research and studies all over the world. The bulk of the research is concentrated on those working methods and trainings that have proven their merit and their value in the practical work.

The research will pay special attention to best-practices of innovative, experimental and interdisciplinary artists and those artists who bring together the art of drama with local performing traditions.

Furthermore, actors, directors and teachers from different cultural backgrounds shall develop new exercises born out of their artistic encounters.

The participating artists in these laboratories will be the future initiators of intercultural exchange.

Results of the labo­ra­tories are to be presented in open rehearsals, demonstrations, lectures and performances and are intended to directly impact the local artists’ respective communities.

One line of thought in “the World Theatre Training Laboratory” follows the idea of “Training the Trainers” with Master Classes for Theatre Teachers in several regions in various formats.

The full-scale M.A. programme “Teaching Professional Theatre Practice” was specially developed in cooperation with participating institutions and can be offered in different world regions.

“World Theatre Training Colloquia” will see international groups of masters and experts invited to critically reflect the work, evaluate the process and support its development.

“The Hybrid Theatre Platform” provides online training and investigates formats relating to the collective creation of world knowledge, its communication and publication.

Each activity and new programme line supports the purpose of the creation of “The World Theatre Training Library”, which will be published worldwide in the six UNESCO languages amongst others.

The Contents of “The World Theatre Training Library”

“The World Theatre Training Library” contains descriptions of training methods and exercises which have their origin in different corners of the world, whatever historic, stylistic or aesthetic background they might have. It will not limit itself to certain art concepts, dogmas or hierarchies.

On this basis, “The World Theatre Training Library” proposes an all-embracing conception of Training: a tool for intercultural artistic creation and production.

Each training method bears the essence of its respective theatre. The exercises will be presented in such a manner that, getting acquainted with them, it will be possible to learn their theoretical and methodical basis.

Ten volumes are planned in advance on different themes.

The project is designed as an open system and welcomes international co-operation at any stage.