XXV International Directors’ and Trainers’ Colloquium 2018

The new Role of the Role

Artistic Meeting with Dr. Jurij Alschitz

Berlin, 3rd – 7th January 2018

Dear Colleagues, looking back on a longstanding tradition, it is with a certain pride that we invite you to the XXV International Directors’ and Trainers’ Colloquium.

Since 1995, Dr Jurij Alschitz, along with both young and experienced directors and trainers, has been picking up the most relevant themes of the day and opening them up for practical application. Whether as part of European research projects or the Theatre Olympics – this has always been about the innovation of new rehearsal and training methods, in short, about the theatre of tomorrow.

Since 2007, the International Directors’ and Trainers’ Colloquium has become established as a regular gathering in Berlin. It has become a good custom of ours at the start of each year, seeing old colleagues once again and welcoming new ones. Together, we have a chance to recharge our batteries, grapple with new ideas and to build new contacts with colleagues from all over the world. In the past, many of these new contacts have led to further artistic collaboration.

We are looking forward to our Jubilee Colloquium in January 2018 and hope to see you there.

Dr Jurij Alschitz suggests for this colloquium that we investigate the roots of the art of acting in relation to new methods of teaching. How can radical innovation of training methods build on the foundations of the dramatic arts? What is still important and how to convey it? Dr Jurij Alschitz has studied with J. N. Malkowski, who was taught personally by Stanislavski, as well as with the Russian pedagogical legend Mikhail Budkewitsch.

Today, ‘the actor’s work on the role’ sounds like a relic from times past. Regardless of the label we give to people on stage – actor, performer, player or sign – they are all performing roles.

Nowadays, the work of directors and actors involves little work on the role. Dramatic Theatre has receded behind other forms, such as performative collages, rituals, mysteries, exhibitions and many others. Older actors have forgotten the practice of complicated, nuanced work on the role; younger colleagues’ knowledge of this classical approach is at best rudimentary and seldom practised.

But how should we approach our existence on stage? What actually is the role?

Precise reflection and in-depth questioning will expand the concept of the role and open up new dimensions for contemporary rehearsal practice and supports the emancipation of the actor as the bearer of meaning on stage. Expanding out from the many possible connections and relationships between actor and role, we would like to focus our attention on several themes ….

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The colloquium builds on intensive preparation and active participation. The discussion will first begin on our hybrid platform.

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Teaching language: English; on stage: your mother tongue
Working hours: 10 – 16:00 with training lectures, practical work
Seminar fee: 440 €

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