International Programme EDUCATION+

Homo Creativus

Turning the Tide on Teaching Theatre Practice –

International Programme EDUCATION+ for Acting Teachers, Directors, Actors

Berlin, 9 – 14 November 2015

The Artistic Director Dr. Jurij Alschitz invites theatre practitioners to discover unconventional approaches to teach professional theatre practice.

How can we develop an education for the next generation of artists, who require innovative methods of expression to cope with the new demands of theatre in a rapidly changing world? How can this be taught? Are teachers suitably equipped for this task?

Let us start with the central point: changing mind-set. The creative mind is not built on denial, but revels in chaos. Furthermore, leaving linear and hierarchical ways of thinking behind, the creative mind opens up the path towards a spherical approach. The seminar will open the laboratory door to the principles of spherical education.


With this seminar, Dr. Jurij Alschitz shares his new research on the connection between theatre and science – fractal geometry in training and analysis; the 4th dimension of a play; rhizome of a role; Centauristics for the creative process etc. to be applied in theatre and education.

  • creation and development of new exercises, the system of exercises
  • exercises as main language of the teacher
  • Philosophy, theory and practice of Training

This seminar is a methodological laboratory which runs alongside the post-graduate inter­national course of studies “Teaching Professional Theatre Practice” (2015-2017). In a condensed form participants will get an insight into the main principles and content discussed in the first semester in August 2015 in Berlin.

For those interested it is the unique chance to qualify for this course. Selected participants may be accepted for the second semester in Estonia (February/March 2016)

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Teaching language: English
Working hours: 10:00 – 16:00 with lectures, discussions and practical training
Seminar fee: 380 €

Application: Please send a letter of motivation, a picture and CV with your application.

We only have a limited number of places. Once your place has been confirmed, please send the non-refundable registration fee of 80 Euro. Only then your place will be reserved.