World Theatre Training Workshop


Artistic direction Dr. Jurij Alschitz

Berlin, 17th – 22nd of March 2015

Sometimes it seems that contemporary theatre is dominated by the use of new technologies and gadgets. Contemporary theatre received the label “post-dramatic”. After 20 and more post-dramatic years it is time to understand – not what theatre is not, but what it is!

Contemporary theatre is a theatre of new, spherical thinking, theatre of synthesis, where knowledge of many sciences freely penetrates into our system; it changes old ideas, it asks for new knowledge and experience. Our theatre tradition demands for respect, but also for correction. The research of Dr. J. Alschitz adds to the common theatre vocabulary and methodology other and new concepts from different sciences and connects them immediately with the practice on stage – such as the Big Bang theory, the expansion and contraction of the universe, 4-dimensional space, chaos-theory, butterfly effect, fractal geometry, etc.

AKT-ZENT invites actors, directors and teachers to get acquainted with the new, unconventional approach at the theatrical practice. The laboratory-seminar will openly discuss new ideas looking for possible connections and focus on practical work through training and research on the floor.


Teaching language: English, on stage: your mother tongue.

Working hours: 10 – 15:00 with training lecture, practical work.

Participation fee: 350 €

The place will be reserved after the first payment of 70 Euro (registration fee, non-refundable) has been made.    Please send your application with a motivation letter, a picture and CV to:

AKT-ZENT e.V. International Theatre Centre Berlin /Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute

Tel. 030 – 612 87 27-4030 – 612 87 27-4 Fax –5