European Association for Theatre Culture / EATC

The European Association for Theatre Culture (EATC) is a unique and unusual network – namely, a network of ideas, with the shared intension of acquiring, accumulating, and disseminating knowledge and theatre expertise from all over the world founded by the artistic director Dr. Jurij Alschitz.

EATC is a network of Theatre Centres, Culture Organisations, Drama Schools, Academies and Universities who have all declared their willingness to work together on both short and long-term projects and programmes, in accordance with the following aims and objectives.

EATC focuses primarily on programmes which deal with ‘transition’ and ‘lifelong learning’. In other words, EATC promotes the idea of a ‘Second Career’, applicable to all stage artists and directors, assisting them to become trained theatre teachers through new, experimental, academic methods.

EATC’s stated aim is to establish a teaching methodology for ‘Professional Theatre Practice’, which is considered the equivalent of scientific research in the field of theatre; at the intersection of disciplines ranging from Educational Science to Natural Sciences and the Humanities. This includes exploring the phenomenon of ‘creativity’, as well analysing theories which seek to understand the teachings of theatre as a discipline in its own right. However, realising these theories in practice will require a comprehensive re-configuration of teaching practice, curricula and training methods at renowned educational institutions.

EATC therefore provides a unique framework for international, cross-cultural research and exchange. Methodological approaches are investigated in their universality, but with a particular focus on exploring their diversity and variety.

EATC promotes international cooperation, alongside individual initiatives, with the overarching aim to foster a global and innovative network of scientifically and methodologically trained theatre teachers.

EATC has a close working relationship with the International Theatre Institute and its adjoining committees. Through this transnational contact, EATC seeks to create a virtual cultural heritage, which promotes diversity and the continuous development of theatre culture, in accordance with UNESCO objectives.

artistic director: Dr. Jurij Alschitz

programme director: Christine Schmalor