ITI Research Centre

During the 33rd ITI World Congress in Xiamen, China in September 2011, the general assembly appointed AKT-ZENT as Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

The motion was submitted by the German national ITI Centre:

“AKT-ZENT  International Theatre Centre Berlin, which was appointed Research Centre of ITI – TECOM in 2006, shall be appointed Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute to conduct the ITI project World Theatre Training Library / Laboratory.

Artistic direction: Dr. Jurij Alschitz, programme direction: Christine Schmalor

The  World Theatre Training Library / Laboratory will be realized  in cooperation with the Theatre Education & Training Committee, national ITI centres and ITI-related world organisations .

The motion is supported by ITI centres Bangladesh, Cyprus, Mexico”

The Research Centre for Theatre Training has the following objectives:

  • Investigation of the roots of European and World theatre traditions.
  • Investigation of new connections, transformation of existing training, and rehearsal methods in various cultural contexts for the acting profession
  • Experiment, development and implementation of new teaching methods for acting and directing
  • Set-up of new acting and directing training in countries with no formal professional education for theatre
  • Set-up courses to teach professional theatre practice
  • Publication and distribution of the results


  • international laboratories, seminars and master-classes on different specific themes
  • online learning platform for hybrid theatre education
  • curriculum development and implementation  of courses for training of trainers
  • colloquia, work demonstrations, and productions
  • scientific documentation and publication
  • International Festival for Theatre Training Methods METHODIKA (under the patronage of ITI – TECOM since 2001)